Josh Ellermann Introduction Post


Josh Ellermann

Year: Senior
Majors: Sustainable Development, Economics
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Other: I have an older brother at Iowa State and a younger brother at Truman. Along with the Digital History in Sustainability Internship, I also work for the Green Thumb Project as an outdoor and nutrition educator and compost programs manager. In my free time, I enjoy camping, hiking, biking, writing, meditating, reading and running.

What do you hope to gain from this internship?

From this internship, I hope to gain experience in website design. I also hope to gain a better understanding of sustainability efforts I may not have been previously aware of at Truman, such as the Guaranteed Energy Savings Project.

What do you hope to give to this project?

I have been involved with a large number of organizations that promote environmental sustainability over the years, including the Environmental Campus Organization, the Communiversity Garden, The Green Thumb Project, and the Compost Project/Rot Riders. I hope to use the connections,  experience, and knowledge I have gained working with these organizations to make the website a more comprehensive display of all the sustainability endeavors that are active at Truman. I also hope to create a new page that lets students know what they can do to reduce their own personal ecological footprint, such as signing up for compost pick-up, participating in our on-campus community garden, and buying in bulk.