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Truman State University has been actively working on updating and expanding its curriculum to more fully integrate sustainability studies into the core learning experience. Truman State has challenged itself to engage in sustainability dialogue and studies within students’ coursework, through both hands-on experiences and lectures. Additionally, we have created ways to recognize students who have become experts in their studies of sustainability.

Academic Courses

Truman State University currently offers 15 undergraduate courses focused on sustainability and 66 courses that incorporate sustainability as a distinct topic in the course. This represents 81 total courses across 14 of our 27 academic departments.

Here is a list of all current sustainability-focused courses offered at Truman.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Truman will be offering an Environmental Science Major Program starting in Fall 2023 along with the existing Environmental Studies Minor. The purpose of this minor is to help students to identify, analyze, communicate, and influence the complex forces that shape the environment and the lives of living things. Studies will focus on the interactions between humans and other components of the natural environment.

Students also have the option to develop their own major, known as the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. Often, students wanting to specifically cater their education toward sustainability and the environment take this route. In the past, Truman has graduated students with majors in fields such as Environmental Policy, Sustainable Agriculture, and Sustainable Development. This program allows students to combine multiple disciplines and perspectives in their studies so that they leave with a wide-range of knowledge and experiences.

Immersion Experience

At Truman State, we feel that one of the best ways to learn is to become totally immersed in a subject; we have therefore created a course that allows students to become immersed in a sustainability centered study program. BIZ 306/506G is a study abroad course in Belize, which allows students to study the natural history of the country. The course is full of hands on experience at places like the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area.