The President’s Sustainability Action Committee (PSAC)

Although almost every organization on campus is engaged in sustainability efforts, the President’s Sustainability Action Committee, or PSAC, is the major group on Truman’s campus that initiates and coordinates sustainability practices. Since it was created, the President’s Sustainability Action Committee has spearheaded the Sustainability movement at Truman. Some of the committee’s responsibilities are to:

  • Identify and evaluate ways to modify university practices to help them align with the principles of the Sustainability Initiative.
  • Track the current state of sustainability related practices and develop a practical benchmark for assessing total progress.
  • Provide regular advice to the University President regarding suggested best practices.
  • Present an annual report of its activities to the University President that records progress on practices of interest and indicates future plans.

Here is the link to the most recent Annual Sustainability Report, created by the PSAC, which details our yearly progress. To view older reports and our Strategic Plan, click here.

Current Members of the President’s Sustainability Action Committee (2022-2023):
  • Donna Liss, Chair, CIO, Information Technology Services
  • Nancy Asher, Registrar, and Institutional Research
  • John Stewart, Director, Sodexo Food Services
  • Melissa Garzanelli, Human Resources & Staff Council Liaison
  • Blaine Smallwood/Mairin Warner, Student, Student Government Environmental Affairs Committee
  • Dan Waxman,  Coordinator for Systems and Operations, Residence Life
  • Keegan Bird, Student, Environmental Campus Organization
  • Sam Guth, Director, Facilities Management
  • Judi Schweitzer, Consultant, Sustainability Expert
  • Mary Turner, City Planner, City of Kirksville
  • Jessie Coleman, Student, Sustainability Office Intern
  • Lori Shook, Design Project Manager, Campus Planning
  • Drew Sieg, Faculty Member, Environmental Studies Minor Committee
  • Drew Arends, Student, Zuckerman Digital History in Sustainability Intern

The Environmental Sustainability Fee Accountability Committee (ESFAC)

The Environmental Sustainability Fee Accountability Committee strives to ensure the fair and beneficial allocation of the student Environmental Sustainability Fee. This student fee of $5 per semester was a student-led initiative implemented in 2015 by Student Government and other campus groups. The purpose of this fee was to allow for the implementation of large-scale sustainability projects on Truman’s campus and each year students have the opportunity to submit project proposals to ESFAC. The 2023 Proposal Form will be available November-February of the 2022-2023 academic year.

Previous Slates can be found in the Student Senate archives.

2020-21 Project Slate

2021-22 Project Slate

Current Members of the Environmental Sustainability Fee Accountability Committee (2021-2022):
  • Drew Arends, Chair,
  • Jessie Coleman, Sustainability Office Rep
  • Gabrielle Woods, Save the Bees Rep
  • Keegan Bird, ECO Rep
  • Mairin Warner, Student Government Rep
  • Blaine Smallwood, Student-at-Large
  • Vela Lightle, Student-at-Large
  • Donna Liss, Treasurer

Current Arnold Zuckerman Digital History in Truman Sustainability Intern (2022-2023):
  • Donna Liss, Advisor, Information Technology Services
  • Drew Arends, Intern