Bike Support

Here at Truman we work hard to show our commitment to the safety of our students. By implementing bike racks and providing safe paths for biking, we ensure a safe and environmentally friendly method for our students to get to class, get some exercise, and have fun at the same time.

Bike Safety

In 2016 and 2020 we were recognized with “Bronze” Status from the Bicycle Friendly University Program, and we hope to implement even more measures in the future that align with these principles.

Click the image to view our current Bike Safety and Map Brochure:

bike1 bike2

Bike Assistance

To help students with maintenance, repairs, and education of their bikes, Truman State recognizes the Bike Co-Op. This organization focuses on educating and providing free bike repairs and services to students and the community at large, to help encourage less commuting via cars. In addition to teaching and helping bikers with technical problems, the Co-Op also sells donated materials and products through a wholesale supplier. Under the guidance of the Department of Health and Exercise Science, the Co-Op generates a small amount of revenue through slight markups on the sale of materials and through donations.