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Truman State University strives not only to encourage the study of sustainable practices and technologies, but also the appreciation and fun involved in outside-the-classroom activities. By opening our campus to a wide variety of events, we hope to energize our students and faculty and increase their enthusiasm for the environment.

Earth Week

Hosted every year in April, Earth Week has historically been one of the busiest and most lively weeks of the whole year for Truman State. The events of the week are organized by a committee that is led by the Sustainability Office and that also includes  representatives from various environmental organizations  on campus. During this week, students are encouraged to showcase DIY projects, put on discussion panels, invite speakers, play music, protest for the welfare of the environment, and hold a variety of other events which promote sustainability to students and faculty. Previous guests to Earth Week events have included local leaders such as representatives from the Possibility Alliance and White Rose Catholic Workers’ Movement, leading researchers or professors from Truman and other universities, and state representatives.

Sustainability Week

Typically held after fall midterms, Campus Sustainability Day is a day to promote good habits on campus. Past events have included speeches from groups of students, documentary viewings, and fundraisers.

Local Foods Dinner

Every fall semester, The Green Thumb Project hosts an event which historically has included speakers, live music, and interactive discussions. Open to both Truman students and members of the community, this event brings awareness to the quality and creativeness of fresh, local foods, and all food supplies for the three course meal are bought from local farms and vendors.


In addition to providing on campus events and research showcase opportunities such as the Environmental Studies Conference, the Truman community also helps students reach outside conferences through funding by the President’s Sustainability Action Committee, department funding, crowdsourcing, and other means.

Cultural Activities

Diversity and cultural awareness is also one important aspect of long-term sustainability on campus. These events are hosted by a variety of organizations on campus, and include The Tunnel of Oppression, a multi-sensory event that allows participants to more fully engage themselves in the experience of several forms of oppression; an International Foods Dinner, hosted by the International Club; and Heritage Months, hosted by the MAC. By celebrating our diverse population of students, our campus is able to unite as one with an understanding of one another, which makes us better equipped to handle important long-term projects and commitments.