Buildings and Grounds

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At Truman, efforts to manage the consumption of our natural resources are a top priority.  There is constant work being done to protect the natural resources on our campus and ensure long lasting environmental health.  Below are some important areas of the buildings and grounds:




SONY DSCAir and ClimateThe air we share and breathe every day is one of the most important resources available to us. This page showcases a few of the ways our campus works toward having clean and healthy air for everyone.



Planning & Engagement

EnergyOne of the biggest impacts to our environment is energy use, especially in heating and cooling buildings. This page features some of the ways Truman supports clean and renewable energy production and carefully monitors our energy usage.



campus LandTruman State works hard to maintain sustainable and appealing grounds by utilizing new technologies and protecting local ecosystems. Our staff are constantly adjusting to adhere to sustainable landscape management practices. This page lists just a few ways we manage our land use. Additionally, we have created a page specifically for details about our Campus Tree Care Plan, located here.



WaterVital to life as we know it, it is important to take care of our naturally-occurring water resources so that the ecosystems around Truman will maintain their health and vitality. This page explains some of the ways that Truman has worked to conserve and protect local water resources.



Click here to see the Utility Dashboarda resource that allows public access to information about Truman’s energy and utility consumption.