Guaranteed Energy Savings Project

“Above all else, these implementations are investments.  They make good fiscal sense for Truman over time, and any actions we can take that have a positive effect on the environment are priceless.”
– University President Troy Paino

Project Highlights:

  • Economic savings for the school and tremendous benefits for the environment.
  • Wide variety of improvements in 25 campus buildings, all in an effort to reduce the University’s annual energy expenditures as well as its carbon footprint.
  • Estimated to save the University more than $1 million annually, which will eventually offset the initial $10.5 million cost.

These changes:

Reduce energy consumption:
    • Reduce natural gas consumption by over 50,500 MCF annually
    • Reduce electrical consumption by nearly 7.5 million kWh annually
    • Reduce Truman’s water consumption by over 8 million gallons annually (this should save an amount of water that would fill nearly 14 Olympic-sized pools!)
Reduce annual emissions by an amount equal to:
    • The electricity use of 1,310 homes for one year
    • 1,071,293 gallons of gasoline consumed
    • Annual emissions of 2,004 passenger vehicles
    • Carbon sequestered annually by 7,804 acres of US forests
Reduce annual carbon footprint by 20,900,000 lbs of CO2

Click the image below to view more details about the Guaranteed Energy Savings Project, including projected annual savings (Annual Sustainability Report):

energy savings 2

Click here for more details on the Project Scopean up-to-date document that was used to record the university’s progress on this project.